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nsIScriptGlobalObject10 Class Reference

#include <nsIScriptGlobalObject10.h>

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Detailed Description

The JavaScript specific global object. This often used to store per-window global state.

Definition at line 25 of file nsIScriptGlobalObject10.h.

Public Member Functions

virtual nsIScriptContext * GetContext ()=0
virtual nsIDocShell10 * GetDocShell ()=0
virtual JSObject * GetGlobalJSObject ()=0
nsIScriptGlobalObjectOwner * 
GetGlobalObjectOwner ()=0
virtual nsresult HandleDOMEvent (nsPresContext *aPresContext, nsEvent *aEvent, nsIDOMEvent **aDOMEvent, PRUint32 aFlags, nsEventStatus *aEventStatus)=0
virtual void OnFinalize (JSObject *aJSObject)=0
virtual void SetContext (nsIScriptContext *aContext)=0
virtual void SetDocShell (nsIDocShell10 *aDocShell)=0
virtual void SetGlobalObjectOwner (nsIScriptGlobalObjectOwner *aOwner)=0
virtual nsresult SetNewArguments (PRUint32 aArgc, void *aArgv)=0
virtual nsresult SetNewDocument (nsIDOMDocument *aDocument, nsISupports *aState, PRBool aRemoveEventListeners, PRBool aClearScope)=0
virtual void SetOpenerWindow (nsIDOMWindowInternal *aOpener)=0
virtual void SetScriptsEnabled (PRBool aEnabled, PRBool aFireTimeouts)=0

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