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NS_IMETHOD nsIWidget10::Create ( nsNativeWidget  aParent,
const nsRect &  aRect,
EVENT_CALLBACK  aHandleEventFunction,
nsIDeviceContext *  aContext,
nsIAppShell *  aAppShell = nsnull,
nsIToolkit *  aToolkit = nsnull,
nsWidgetInitData *  aInitData = nsnull 
) [pure virtual]

Create and initialize a widget with a native window parent

The widget represents a window that can be drawn into. It also is the base class for user-interface widgets such as buttons and text boxes.

All the arguments can be NULL in which case a top level window with size 0 is created. The event callback function has to be provided only if the caller wants to deal with the events this widget receives. The event callback is basically a preprocess hook called synchronously. The return value determines whether the event goes to the default window procedure or it is hidden to the os. The assumption is that if the event handler returns false the widget does not see the event.

aParent native window.
aRect the widget dimension
aHandleEventFunction the event handler callback function

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